Healozone is a brand new type of dental treatment that is changing the way tooth decay is dealt with. It is a treatment that works through the use of ozone, a naturally occurring gas in the air, which is already used for various purposes, including the distillation of water. Ozone gas is what gives that fresh smell at high elevation or after thunder and lightning.

The ozone also helps to protect us from the harmful rays of the sun. Ozone is already used to remove bacteria from water, which is why it has been transcribed into the treatment of tooth decay. Healozone is a dental treatment created in the UK and is set to take the pain and fear out of your visits to the dentist.

What is so special about healozone?

Healozone is such a revolutionary breakthrough as it not only removes bacteria from the teeth but also builds up a barrier against the development of further bacteria. For those who don’t enjoy their visits to the dentist, or greatly dislike the feeling of drills and injections being used in their mouth, this treatment is a breath of fresh air. Healozone starts to remove bacteria as soon as it comes into contact with it. This will not only work in the short term but will go a long way to preventing further bacteria, therefore thwarting tooth decay, one of the main causes of people losing their teeth.

A breakthrough

Gone on the days when you needed to fear your regular check up to the dentist. Your worries may have included the possible cost, the pain or the array of apparatus that were likely to be used in your mouth. The use of a drill and injections are usually all important in the treatment of teeth, but through the use of healozone this can be put to an end.

This is because of the nature by which healozone works. It not only stops tooth decay in the short term but also works to prevent the need for drills and injections by creating a shield around the teeth. If you have a fear of the dentist, particularly if you are a child, then this new wave of treatment can really take the sting out of your visit to the dentist. It also has the added bonus of being totally harmless.

How does healozone work?

This may sound too good to be true, but we can assure you, it is not. Healozone is a device that spreads the ozone gas on to the teeth in a structured way. The gas will be applied for a time of around sixty seconds, which will be enough to beat of bacteria and build up a barrier against further harm. The thing that really sets healozone apart from other dental treatments is that you will be given a kit to take home with you that you can use to add mineral deposits to the teeth in order to uphold the work the healozone treatment has already done.

Of course, it is not a given for all of us that the treatment will prevent the need for fillings and other dental treatment. If your teeth are already too far gone in terms of decay then such things will likely be necessary, and you should still limit your intake of sugar and foods high in acidity. Also, just because this treatment is such a breakthrough does not mean you can stop cleaning your teeth on a regular basis. Now, that would be too good to be true. You should see healozone as more of a preventative treatment rather than a miracle cure.


Healozone is still a technology relatively new to dentistry. Over the years it will become more prominent in the treatment of tooth decay but it may be some time before your dentist starts to use the treatment. If you wish to be one of those few who take advantage of the treatment now, then you may be best looking for a dentist who specialise in the treatment of younger patients or those who have a phobia when it comes to the dentist. Ask friends or your dentist if you wish to ascertain where the treatment is on offer.