Cosmetic dentists that offer a free consultation

These days it is very difficult to choose the right cosmetic dentist to carry out your treatment. Different people look for different things in a cosmetic dentist.

Some patients are nervous and want a dentist that is sympathetic and understanding and will take their time.

Other people want the very best standard in cosmetic dentistry and high quality work whereas some people just want to see if that dentist has the personality work with them and see them through their cosmetic dentistry treatment.

Many cosmetic dentists now offer a FREE CONSULTATION so that in that time you can get to speak the dentist see if they are the right dentist for you in terms of being understanding or perhaps having the standards and qualities that they are looking for in a dentist. A free consultation gives you the opportunity to make a judgement of if you are at the right place to have your treatment without having to spend any money.

During your free consultation make sure that you ask all the relavant questions that you want answered below are some pointers:

  • How many times have you carried out this treatment before
  • What results can I expect
  • Can you show me before and after photos of your previous work
  • How much will my treatment cost
  • Will the treatment be painful can you give me anything to reduce the pain
  • Do you offer sedation
  • Can you explain to me what the procedure will entail