ezLase is an advanced dental apparatus used in the treatment of soft tissue, making the process easier for both the dentist and patient. The device is able to perform a range of dental procedures, including those to do with crowns and bridges, as well as a range of hygiene procedures. The ezLase is a small device, making it easy to move about and use when performing treatment. The laser element to the technology allows for dental practitioners to keep a preset record of settings for a particular treatment, and also, enables them to limit the dose that is applied to the patient. This all works to make the dental experience easier for all parties involved.

How does ezLase work?

The ezLase is a device comprised of a laser, on which changeable tips can be placed. These can be changed for each patient to uphold cleanliness and safety. The device is small and easy to move about. This is due to the minute interface that comes with the device, and the face that you can buy various attachments, such as the rechargeable battery. This takes away the need to have power cords getting in the way, making dental treatment much easier.

You can also attain a foot pedal, which makes it easy to change settings while carrying out procedures. There is also a whitening attachment, which can limit the need for general dentists to refer patients to other specialists. The device is also able to remove diseased or infected tissue, by way of the attainable hygiene application.

What are the benefits of using ezLase for the dentist?

The ezLase device is of utmost importance in improving the service a dental practitioner can offer. This is because the device increases the number of procedures a dental practitioner can perform, lessening the need to refer patients to other specialists. Whether you need to perform work on a bridge, crown or some form of cosmetic treatment, the ezLase is ideal. The ability to perform hygiene dental treatment is another additional advantage to the device. Ease of movement, cost effectiveness and comfort of use for the patient all work to make ezLase an excellent choice for any dental practitioner.

What are the benefits of using ezLase for the patient?

The ezLase can make a patient’s dental practice a one stop shop for dental treatment. It will decrease the need to seek dental treatment from other specialists, such as hygienists, which may have required extensive travel arrangement and interruption to your daily activities. However, one of the main bonuses of such technology is that it limits the pain caused during and after dental treatment. This is because there is little need to make any actual contact with the teeth, as was the case with previous treatments performed through the use of drills and needles. This minimizes vibration against the teeth, which may once have led to pain. All in all, ezLase is the kind of dental appliance that can make any patient’s dental treatment easier to tolerate