Durathin dental veneers

Durathin veneers are one of the biggest breakthroughs ever in achieving the smile that you’ve always wished for. These contact lens-thin “smile shapers” are so thin, yet so strong, that there is no need for the removal of any sensitive tooth structure, no aneasthetic shots, no drilling, and therefore, NO PAIN!

Now there’s a “prepless” veneer that is not only conservative but that really looks great. Durathin Veneers are extremely thin—generally 0.2 to 0.4mm. And once bonded, they’re very strong.

By using a traditional porcelain build-up technique instead of the popular pressed ceramic products, Durathin technicians are able to make shade changes, correct orthodontic problems, and make other cosmetic improvements while removing little or no enamel. Durathin veneers are very aesthetically pleasing because they are created by blocking out undesirable colors and allowing the beauty of the natural teeth to shine through. Because all of the color is built into the veneer instead of added on to the surface the final result is sheer beauty.

Durathin veneers are great for people who are concerned about having too much enamel removed. Prior to bonding, these veneers are extremely fragile because they are so thin. However, once they are bonded to your teeth they are very durable and strong.

Can anyone have Durathin veneers put on with no preparation of tooth?

The answer to this is NO - only certai patients are suitable for veneer treatment without preparation of your teeth. The majority of people that require veneer treatment to improve thier smile will require some preparation of thier teeth. With Durathin veneers the amount of preparation required will be less than that required for veneers which are thicker.

How much do Durathin veneers cost?

Durathin veneers vary in price and there are several factors that may influence the cost of your treatment with Durathin veneers such as:

The dentist that fits the veneers

The complexity of treatment required

The number of Durathin veneers required

The clinic where the Durathin veneer treatment is carried out

To get an idea of how much Durathin veneers will cost you it is advisable to have a consultation with a dentist that offers Durathin Veneers who should be able to give you a treatment plan and an estimate of likely costs and finance options available.