Diolase Plus

The Diolase Plus is a dental apparatus used in the treatment of soft tissue. The device is designed to deal with a variety of treatments to do with soft tissue, including curettage, removal of bacteria or infection, and various other soft tissue treatments, which makes it ideal for any dental practice. There is little or no need for the use of anaesthesia when treating patients. This is due to the way the Diolase Plus works, by way of a laser which is non-invasive. The Diolase Plus is a part of new technological advancements that are changing the way dental treatment is carried out. It delivers on decreasing patient anxiety, fear and pain, as well as maximizing the performance of dental practitioners.

How does Diolase Plus work?

The device is made up of a diode which acts as an energy source to a laser. The energy is transferred to the laser in order to perform treatment through a stretchy fibre connecting the laser to the handheld device. The device is operated by means of a foot pedal, which allows the dental practitioner to perform treatment in a simple and easy manner. The Diolase Plus is specifically designed to deal with soft tissue and can be used in a variety of procedures, which makes the device ideal for any dental practice. It lessens the need to use more common pain inducing methods, which would typically have involved the use of needles and drills.

What are the benefits of using the Diolase Plus for the dentist?

The Diolase Plus is an easy to use device and is operated by a foot pedal, which makes the process of treating patient’s teeth a simple one. The device comes with a range of preset modes according to the various soft tissue treatments it is capable of, which are numerous. Soft tissue treatment a dental practitioner will be able to perform with the Diolase Plus include soft tissue crown lengthening, treatment of aphthous ulcers and the exposure of unerupted teeth. The device is of a precise nature and will allow any dental practitioner to be fully in control of its movement.

What are the benefits of using the Diolase Plus for the patient?

The device should be seen as a breath of fresh air for any patient who is due a visit to the dentist. It works by way of a laser, which means there is no direct contact with the teeth. This ultimately helps to decrease any pain the patient may feel when undergoing soft tissue treatment. In some cases, there may not even be the need to use anaesthetic to take feeling away from the mouth, which would typically have been done when undergoing treatment through the use of needles and drills. This means that no patient will need to put up with numbness to their mouth once treatment has been completed.