Denture Fixatives

Dentures are a type of restoration used to replace your natural teeth. Teeth go missing for a number of reasons, but most commonly due to gum disease or periodontal disease. The reasons for these occurring is usually down to a lack of oral hygiene which means plaque has a chance to build up and attack your gums. When your gums become infected they lose their ability to support your teeth, which may begin to loosen and fall out.

Dentures won't feel quite like your natural teeth but recent innovations in dentistry means that modern dentures are aesthetically geared and more comfortable than ever before. Dentures can be used to replace your full set of teeth, or just partially cover one area where teeth are missing. Dentures are easily removable to enable cleaning and other maintenance.

Modern dentures provide users with the best-fit possible, but they can't give you the same strength and bite as your natural teeth. Denture fixatives can be used to improve the fit and retention of your denture and give you more confidence with eating a variety of foods. Denture fixatives can be of use to those who've had their denture for a while or those who've just had it fitted. Fixatives perform their role by exhibiting adhesive properties when mixed with the saliva in your mouth. This enables better retention and a reduced wobble, especially when eating problem foods like apples or sweet corn. Many denture users find fixatives give them more confidence in a variety of social situations as they don't have to worry about their dentures wobbling or coming loose. Denture fixatives also have the added benefit of making your dentures more secure during sports or doing other types of exercise such as swimming, which can often compromise the suction of your dentures. Fixatives also prevent food debris like pips or seeds becoming stuck under your dentures by expanding so that any gaps are filled. Fixatives also provide some benefits to the oral health of users. By acting as a barrier between your gums and dentures, friction is reduced as is any unnecessary pressure on your gums, ensuring a more comfortable wear.

Using a Denture Fixative

Before using a fixative you need to give your denture a thorough clean, using a specialised denture cleaning solution. Once it's sufficiently dried, you simply apply the fixative to the denture in a series of thin strips. It's important that the fixative doesn't ooze out of your denture, so if you're having difficulty, applying it in small dots may be preferable. It's usually advised that you rinse your mouth out before you insert your denture as this will provide an instant hold. Once you’re ready to insert your dentures, hold them in place for a few seconds and give it some time before you eat or drink anything. Once you're ready, it's easy to remove the fixative and to remove any excess, simply brush your denture with warm water.