Loans and finance for cosmetic dentistry

Let's face it: cosmetic dentistry isn’t cheap. A full smile makeover can cost in the region of £10,000 and upwards. Like with anything that that most people cannot afford to pay for upfront, there is a wide range of finance options available to help spread the costs of cosmetic dentistry into monthly payments. You can now take out loans for cosmetic dentistry; many cosmetic dentists also now offer their own in-house dental finance packages over 12 months, 24 months and even up to 5 years for more extensive treatments.

How do dental finance packages work?

Dental finance is a way of paying for your treatment over a period of time through monthly instalments. Many cosmetic dentists offer interest-free finance over 12 months on cosmetic dentistry procedures. This is very similar to taking out a loan for cosmetic dentistry, but the approval process will be through your dental practice rather than a bank.

The way that dental finance packages work is that once the cost of your treatment has been established, your clinic will contact their dental finance provider to seek approval through a series of credit checks. Once you have been approved, the finance company will pay the dental clinic the full amount for the treatment and you will then be under obligation to pay this money back to the finance company (usually on a monthly basis) under the terms agreed. This is very similar to buying a car under 0% finance.

How much cosmetic dentistry can I have for £100 a month?

This differs from clinic to clinic depending on the terms that have been agreed with the finance company, but as a rule of thumb, over a 36-month period, you can have about £3500 worth of cosmetic treatment for about £100 a month, which is about £3 a day!

Who pays the interest if it's 0% finance? What's the catch?

Finance companies don’t loan money to people for free so there must be interest to pay on the amount borrowed. This interest is usually absorbed by the dental practice as part of an incentive for you to choose them as your provider. You may also find that the same practice may offer you a 3%-5% discount for payment for your dental treatment upfront in cash.

Am I eligible for cosmetic dentistry finance?

Before you are approved for dental finance or a cosmetic dentistry loan, you will need to go through a series of credit checks carried out on behalf of the dental practice. Approval is usually based upon your previous credit history and your income. You will need to bring proof of your address and identity (passport/driving licence) with you; most practices will ask for at least two utility bills.

What if I cannot afford to pay for treatment over 12 months?

You will find that most practices will offer interest-free finance on dental treatment over a period of 12 months; however, if you want to spread your payment over a longer time frame, such as 3 to 5 years, to make your monthly payments smaller, some practices may offer a low-interest solution.   

Can you get bank loans for cosmetic dentistry?

Banks will loan you money for what every purpose you require, including cosmetic dentistry, provided that you pass all the relevant credit checks.

How will I know which dental practice offers dental finance?

Do not choose your dentist purely on the basis that they offer loans for cosmetic dentistry or have finance plans in place. Find a dentist that you feel comfortable with and that can provide the treatment to the standard that you are happy with. Then ask the dentist if they offer dental finance options. Most cosmetic dentists do offer some kind dental finance plan.

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