So Organic Toothpaste : Toothpaste

So Organic offer a range of organic everyday products made using ingredients protected from bio fuels and harmful chemicals. The So Organic range caters for all your day to day needs offering the healthiest and most environmentally friendly choice. The range includes essentials for your home, baby, beauty routine and personal hygiene. With plenty of choice whether it is bed linen, make up or toothpaste, So Organic offers choice as well as an ethical option.

On the So Organic website you will find products that might not usually spring to mind as something as you consider buying organic. For instance, toothpaste is not something that one thinks to buy organic. Organic toothpaste can actually be beneficial to those who suffer sensitive gums as organic toothpaste does not contain sodium lauryl sulphate which can cause some skin irritation. With toothpastes to suit children, adults in a range of flavours with and without fluoride So Organic have the product to help you. The range is explored in detail below:

Guide to So Organic Toothpastes

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