Listerine toothpastes : Toothpaste

Listerine is one of the best-selling oral hygiene brands across the world. Listerine is best known for its extensive range of mouthwashes and is the most popular mouthwash brand in the UK. However, Listerine also produces a range of toothpastes which are very popular in the USA, but not available in the UK yet as such.

It only seems appropriate that such a leading brand in mouthwash would enter the world of toothpaste, and as you will see from the descriptions below of their available toothpastes, they have carried across their experience well. Listerine toothpastes carry the familiar taste as you will know from the mouthwash, but offer an all round protection for your teeth and gums with their toothpaste selection. Details of the Listerine toothpaste range are outlined below:

Guide to Listerine Toothpastes

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