Darphin Denblan Toothpaste

Darphin denblan toothpaste uses specially formulated oils which help to aid in brightening of teeth, and offers a refreshing clean feeling after brushing. The Darphin denblan toothpaste uses a blend of fresh fruits such as papaya, pineapple and lichen extracts and oils, made from mint, parsley and fennel. The toothpaste contains an anti-cavity fluoride which helps to aid in the prevention of cavities and plaque, which if left unmonitored can cause gingivitis and other varieties of gum disease.

The refreshing cool mint flavour of the toothpaste ensures that your teeth feel clean after each and every brush, and you will be in doubt that your teeth and gums have been given a meticulous cleaning. The toothpaste is ideal for those who want to brighten their teeth, as well as having the added benefit of anti-cavity fluoride elements which help to tackle cavities. The Darphin Denblan toothpaste is available in a 6oz tube.

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