Curasept : Toothpaste

Curasept provide a range of toothpastes that help soothe and protect various dental health conditions. The toothpastes are designed for those who have skin, gum and dental sensitivities. In order to ensure the toothpaste does not aggravate any existing conditions, Curasept have excluded sodium lauryl sulphate from all of their toothpastes. Curasept helps prevent bacteria and plaque whilst also tackling problems including gingivitis and discoloured teeth. The use of Curasept will put to rest any insecurity you have about any dental conditions, and give you the confidence to show the healthy white smile Curasept has created.

Some Curasept toothpastes can be used in conjunction with mouthwash to reinforce protection and strengthen gums. The toothpastes can be used as an ordinary toothpaste and you are not required to use any additional toothpastes. However, Curasept have asserted that the toothpastes are designed for long term use and regular use is required to achieve and maintain best results.

Guide to Curasept Toothpastes

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