Curaprox Toothpastes

Curaprox is a Swiss company that provides high quality dental products to cater for your oral hygiene needs. Curaprox provide toothpastes that are dedicated to aiding in the removal of plaque and other common dental problems. Curaprox offer two specially formulated toothpastes, of which one is sure to cater for your dental requirements. The two toothpastes as offered by Curaprox are ADS705 and the Enzycal Remineralising toothpaste.

The Curaprox is attainable online for those in the UK but is more of a niche toothpaste compared to some of the bigger brands. In order to help you decide if the Curaprox range is for more information is given below for their two toothpastes:

Guide to Curaprox Toothpastes

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