Colgate Total Advanced Clean : Toothpaste

Colgate Total Advanced Clean is a revolutionary product from the Colgate Total range and is purchasable in the UK and US. It claims to leave the mouth with a ‘dentist clean’feeling, though we will leave that up to your individual tastes as to whether this is completely true. Advanced Clean provides a thorough clean and polish and targets hard to reach areas of the mouth, which are often prone to bacteria and plaque collection.

Advanced Clean also offers all the protection of Colgate Total, including protection against cavities and decay, as well as keeping gums healthy and leaving the mouth smelling fresh and minty.

Colgate Total Advanced Clean is beneficial for people that want to make sure their mouth is as clean as possible and want to protect their teeth and gums against bacteria for long periods of time between brushing. As with any ordinary toothpaste, Colgate Total Advanced Clean can be used twice a day as part of a daily oral hygiene routine.

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