Colgate Tartar Protection : Toothpaste

Colgate Tartar Protection is similar to the Colgate Anti-Tartar Plus Whitening toothpaste offered in the UK but offers its own unique protection for consumers in the US. As with its brother across the Atlantic, Colgate Tartar Protection is a great choice of toothpaste for fighting of plaque that can often build up on teeth after eating and drinking a range of foods.

As well as working against the build up of plaque Colgate Tartar Protection also helps to improve the whiteness of teeth by removing stains that can build up on the surface of teeth. Cavities, another nuisance when it comes to oral hygiene, are also given a thorough cleaning courtesy of Colgate Tartar Protection, making this toothpaste a fantastic choice for those that wish to uphold their level of oral hygiene but who also want to make sure their teeth are sparkling.

Colgate Tartar Protection is available in Whitening Crisp Mint Paste and Whitening Cool Mint Gel, meaning greater selection for US consumers.

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