Colgate Sparkling White : Toothpaste

Colgate Sparkling White, available in the US and similar to its counterpart in the UK, is proven to remove stains from teeth and promises a smile that appears white and fresh. Teeth whitening is becoming a common theme with modern day toothpastes and Colgate Sparkling White is able to compete well with other brands when it comes to such a specialist area. For protection against teeth staining and a pleasant flavour Colgate Sparkling White is the toothpaste of choice.

Colgate Sparkling White is, as you would expect with most toothpastes, also able to provide fortification against plaque that can build up and therefore prevents cavities that could cause you to take an expensive trip to the dentist. There is also a selection of flavours available: depending on your individual taste you can go for White Mint Zing, White CinnaMint or White Caribbean Cool, all of which are proven to provide great protection for your teeth and gums.

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