Colgate Sensitive Whitening : Toothpaste

For those in the UK and Us, Colgate Sensitive Whitening toothpaste is a perfect solution for people that want to improve the look and colour of their teeth but also suffer from sensitive teeth. Sensitive whitening toothpaste offers protection against bacteria, fights plaque, prevents tartar build-up and keeps breath fresh, as well as providing relief against sensitive teeth and whitening the teeth.

Colgate Sensitive Whitening has a whitening ingredient that helps to breakdown stains on the surfaces of the teeth, making them look more healthy and natural and making the smile look more youthful and attractive.

Colgate Sensitive Whitening can be used by people with sensitive teeth, as well as those who want their teeth to look whiter; it should be used twice a day in the mornings and evenings. For toothpaste that can more or less meet the demands of any toothpaste connoisseur, Colgate Sensitive Whitening is an excellent choice.

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