Colgate Max Fresh : Toothpaste

A popular choice in the UK and US, Colgate Max Fresh contains special cooling crystals that help to keep the mouth feeling clean and refreshed for long periods of time after brushing. Instead of covering over the odour of bad breath, this toothpaste tackles the bacteria that cause bad breath to prevent further development during your daily routine.

Colgate Max Fresh offers all the benefits of other Colgate toothpastes but may be beneficial for those that are prone to halitosis or those that are particularly keen on long-lasting freshness. The cooling crystals are sugar free and dissolve almost instantaneously; this toothpaste is suitable for adults and older children (aged at least 6 years old, although more child-friendly toothpastes may be more suitable for children under the age of 10).

If you find that other toothpastes are unable to prevent the development of bad breath later in the day then Colgate Max Fresh is a first-rate choice.

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