Colgate Luminous : Toothpaste

Colgate Luminous is for those based in the USA and is able to strengthen areas on the teeth where enamel has been lost through general wear and tear. By doing so, Colgate Luminous is able to protect against any stains that may arise from eating and drinking and any discolouration that may occur as a consequence. It is the fluoride content that works to improve tooth enamel, combined with special Silica ingredients to whiten teeth and make them sparkling bright.

Colgate Luminous is available in Crystal Clear Mint and Paradise Fresh flavours, both of which promise lasting protection for your teeth. The toothpaste also does the jobs that you would expect your normal toothbrush to do, by providing protection against cavities and making sure bacteria like plaque does not build up in on and around the teeth. For a smile that is luminous, the Colgate Luminous toothpaste is a great oral hygiene choice.

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