Colgate Cavity Protection : Toothpaste

A brand of toothpaste that is available in the UK and US, Colgate Cavity Protection offers protection against cavities by strengthening the teeth and repairing spots which have been weakened by bacteria before a cavity can start to develop. Cavities are very common and usually require a filling, but Colgate Cavity Protection is able to offer a strong resistance against the need for what can be an expensive dental treatment.

Colgate Cavity Protection is a great all-round toothpaste that protects the teeth and gums against bacteria and keeps gums healthy. Cavity Protection has a mild minty flavour, which also helps to keep breath smelling fresh and clean.

Cavity Protection is ideal for those patients that are susceptible to cavities and want to strengthen the protective enamel coating on their teeth, and can be used twice a day as part of a daily oral hygiene routine.

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