Clinomyn Toothpaste : Toothpaste

Clinomyn is best known for its specially formulated toothpaste for smokers but it has also launched a toothpaste that is suitable for everyone. Clinomyn is not as well-known as other leading brands of toothpaste, but it widely available from supermarkets, pharmacies and high street chemists. If you are a smoker or are looking for a new toothpaste to meet your oral hygiene demands then the Clinomyn toothpaste range is one you should seriously consider.

At the moment there are only a few toothpastes available as part of Clinomyn’s range, but this is sure to change in the future as the brand continues to grow. Below are the toothpastes currently offered by Clinomyn:

Guide to Clinomyn Toothpastes

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