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Arm&Hammer has been a market leader in the USA for over 150 years, and has since started to occupy the UK market with well thought-out products. Arm&Hammer toothpastes contain baking soda, a natural ingredient that produces incredible deep cleaning effects. The team at Arm&Hammer are committed to a therapeutic approach to oral hygiene but are also keen to keep up with the latest advances in technology and provide consumers with the most innovative range of products.

Arm&Hammer is now available in the UK and is enjoying similar success as it has done in the UK; the range is increasing all the time and there are sure to be products available to suit the whole family.

The Arm&Hammer toothpaste range is explored in more detail below in order to give you the opportunity to decide which particular brand is best for you and your family’s oral hygiene:

Arm&Hammer Adult Range

Guide to Arm&Hammer Toothpaste

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