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Aquafresh is one of the best-selling toothpaste brands in the UK and US; it is instantly recognisable thanks to its unique striped formula. The range of Aquafresh products is increasing all the time, as technology evolves and oral hygiene products become increasingly sophisticated. All Aquafresh products have been developed in accordance with advice and guidelines from medical and dental experts and comply with regulations and guidelines set out by the Department of Health.

The Aquafresh range offers consumers a huge variety of products and everyone will be able to find a product to suit them; from sensitive toothpastes to whitening gels and a range of kid’s toothpastes, there is something for everyone.

The range of Aquafresh toothpastes is explored in further detail below:

Aquafresh Children’s toothpaste

Guide to Aquafresh Toothpaste

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