Aim Toothpaste

Aim is a popular brand of toothpaste manufactured by Church and Dwight and is most commonly purchased in the US. Aim toothpastes cater for specific dental needs including the likes of cavities, whitening, and tartar control. Aim toothpastes have been recognised worldwide as a leading brand and was officially launched in 1975 by Unilever, but was then took over by Church and Dwight.

As Aim toothpastes have been around for so long they have built up a trustworthy reputation, especially in the US, and are welcomed into family homes. The Aim toothpaste range is able to cater for children and adults alike. Aim toothpastes range from Aim Cavity Protection to Aim Whitening Mint toothpastes amongst many others which are looked at in more detail below:

Guide to Aim Toothpaste

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