Water Pik Inc

Whether it is known as Water Pik or under the original name of Aqua Tec, innovation, invention and most importantly caring for customers' oral health have always been the company's driving aims.

When designing new products, they not only look at what is most effective, but also what customers want and what's important to them in a dental hygiene product. To do this effectively they speak not only to customers but also to dental professionals, seeing what their customers tell them they want and what problems they have to deal with; the Water Pik range is the solution to many people’s ral needs.

While their focus is on customer health care, you will be happy to know that Water Pik also care about the environment. They are constantly examining the materials they use, efficiency through design, production and use of recycled and recyclable materials to ensure that they can continue to care for the teeth of many generations to come on a safer planet.

More information about the Waterpik family of products is given below:

Guide to Water Pik

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