Panasonic oral irrigator

Panasonic is an electrical giant, selling millions of pounds worth of electrical equipment each day. Panasonic is best known for its range of household appliances, televisions and stereo systems but they also have small, but nevertheless impressive, range of oral hygiene products. This includes electric toothbrushes which are a staple of many people’s oral hygiene routine, but they now also offer an oral irrigation system to give you the best chance of good oral health.

The Panasonic Dentacare EW1211 Rechargeable Oral Irrigator is a revolutionary product, which aims to deliver unparalleled cleaning in order to promote high standards of oral health. The irrigator has been specially designed to remove plaque and prevent harmful oral health conditions from developing. Further details of the Panasonic oral irrigator are outlined below:

Guide to Panasonic oral irrigator

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