Kitty Hydro Floss Water Jet Oral System Flosser

The Kitty Hydro Floss Water Jet Oral System Flosser is an innovative product from the Kitty range; it has been clinically proven to reduce inflammation of the gums in just 28 days. The Hydro Floss system is ideal for those who suffer from gingivitis; it provides unrivalled standards of cleaning and can help to reverse the effects of the condition very quickly.

The Hydro Floss produces a strong jet of water, which targets the areas between the teeth, the gum line and the corners of the mouth, which are often missed during brushing. The jet is powerful but does not harm the protective enamel surfaces of the teeth. The jet is not the only feature of the Kitty design, however, and sophisticated technology provides additional features; this model uses magnetic technology to produce polarised water molecules, which prevent plaque from clinging to the surfaces of the teeth.

The Kitty Hydro Floss Water Jet Oral System Flosser has been proven to reduce plaque formation considerably and is much more effective than irrigators which use non-magnetic technology. Using this device will help to protect the teeth and gums from harmful conditions and will promote good oral health. Having a healthy set of teeth will boost confidence and make you look and feel great. People that have used this system say the cleaning power is incredible and the product comes with many recommendations from patients and dentists alike.

The Hydro Floss system can be used on a daily basis; it is simple to use and you can control the intensity of the jet. If you have sensitive teeth, you can use heat up water in the tank to avoid experiencing pain caused by exposure to cold water.

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