Wellingborough kids get a lesson in oral hygiene

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Children from Kiddi Caru nursery, Wellingborough, got a lesson in oral hygiene to mark National Toothache Day on the 9th February.

In recognition of the importance of dental health for children, the nursery hosted an informative oral health session using toothbrushes and toothpaste donated by a local dental practice. The aim was for nursery staff to teach the children all about brushing their teeth and enabling them to learn how to protect their teeth and gums from cavities and harmful bacteria.

Staff made an effort to make the session as fun as possible, and the kids loved practising brushing their teeth and learning about why it’s important to keep your teeth clean and to visit the dentist on a regular basis. The children also learned about which foods to eat and which to avoid for sparkling smiles, and they were encouraged to ask lots of questions.

Manager, Emma Whitworth, said that it’s really important for young children to get into the habit of brushing their teeth twice a day and looking after their pearly whites from an early age. The donations from the local dentist enabled staff to make the session interactive and everyone had fun at the same time as learning valuable lessons.

Sessions like the one held at Kiddi Caru could play a really important role in improving standards of oral health among children, as rates of decay rise, and more and more children require hospital treatment for dental problems. Decay is incredibly common, but almost all cases are preventable with good dental hygiene, routine dental visits and a healthy diet.



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