Volunteer dentists carry out more than 10,000 dental procedures as Mission of Mercy Oklahoma celebrates 8th annual event

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Volunteer dentists, nurses and hygienists carried out more than 10,000 dental procedures last week, as the Mission of Mercy Oklahoma celebrated its 8th annual event.

During the two-day event, more than 1,400 volunteers worked together to provide in excess of $1.3 million worth of treatment free of charge. Over a thousand patients passed through the doors, with dental teams spending an average of $980 per patient. Volunteers extracted teeth, placed fillings, and offered cleaning treatments for 1,322 people at a total cost of $1,306,907.

Dr Trent Yadon, chair of the Oklahoma Mission of Mercy 2017, described the standard of care as “incredible”, and said that it was always “overwhelming” to see the scale of the operation and the volunteers in action. Crowds gather well before the doors open, and you can see how much the possibility of getting free dental care means to local people.

The Mission of Mercy events are supported by Delta Dental, the Oklahoma Dental Association and the Oklahoma Dental Foundation.

Charity-run events, such as Mission of Mercy clinics provide an invaluable service for people who cannot afford to see a dentist on a regular basis. Many have not visited a dentist for several years and have no other means of getting treatment.



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