Ukrainian dentists head to the front line to provide urgent care for stricken soldiers

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A group of dentists from the Ukraine has swapped their plush urban clinics for the battle line in order to end to stricken soldiers.

A charity known as Ukrop Dental was established by 52-year old Igor Yaschenko in 2015. Igor had volunteered to support the aid effort when he noticed that dental problems were rife among the troops. He concluded that dental pain and complications like gum disease were taking their toll on soldiers, and leaving them unable to fight to the best of their ability.

Igor took action, and now, two years later, Ukrop Dental is making a real difference. The group of dentists is there to offer treatment to troops and make them stronger for battle. The philosophy is to tackle dental issues and to produce stronger, healthier fighters.

Parts of the Ukraine have been decimated, and the military is under-staffed. In some areas, conditions are terrible, and troops are struggling. Igor and his team have visited the worst affected regions, and they’re providing a valuable service.

Serviceman Andriy Davyedenko, 26, is one of those who have benefited from the expertise and compassion of the charity. He suffered excruciating pain before he was treated by the team, and credits them with helping him get back to full strength. Before, he was in agony, and he couldn’t focus on the task in hand. Now, he is able to concentrate, and he doesn’t have to wake up in pain each and every day.



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