Tooth decay claims over 50 million hours of classroom time per year in the US

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Dental decay is a greater threat to the health of children in the US than obesity and asthma, it has been revealed. According to recent research, more than 50 million hours of classroom time are lost to dental issues every year.

Dentists in the US are worried that children’s diets are to blame, with many children consuming far more than the recommended intake of sugar on a daily basis. Teamed with poor oral hygiene, the consumption of sports and energy drinks, soda, candy and fruit juice can be incredibly harmful for children’s teeth.

Dentists are also keen to highlight the importance of supervised brushing. Young children tend to spend a few seconds waving a brush around the mouth and there are plenty of occasions when children will say they’ve brushed their teeth when they haven’t. Many children put up a fight when it comes to getting ready for bed or cleaning their teeth in the morning, and dentists understand that it can be a battle. They recommend buying children child-friendly dental products, such as brushes decorated with their favourite characters, and making brushing fun by putting music on or making up games centred around brushing.

Dental health problems in childhood are not just dangerous because they result in unpleasant symptoms like toothache and sensitivity. Studies also show that children who suffer from poor oral health are also likely to lack confidence when their smiles are on show. Problems in childhood are also linked to an increased risk of dental disease later in life



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