Teen Confesses His Love For Dentist’s Daughter Under Anaesthetic In Viral Video

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A teenager in America coming out of an anaesthetic stupor tells his dentist that he loves his girlfriend, who happens to be the dentist’s daughter in a video that has since gone viral. Jayden, the 18-year-old was said to have been worried about having his wisdom teeth extracted by his girlfriend’s father.

Amusing reactions to coming out of sedation or anaesthetic following dental surgery are plentiful, but Jayden began professing his love whilst under the effects of the anaesthetic. He mentioned that it might be kind of weird to hear him say this but that he loved the unnamed dentist’s daughter.

He even went as far as to say he could see himself marrying her.

The dentist laughed and reassured him that the family loved him, which led to Jayden asking if he annoyed them, and asked if the dentist ever saw her again to tell her Jayden loved her so much.

The dentist then reminded Jayden his girlfriend was on holiday in Mexico.



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