Syrian Dentist is Bringing Smiles to Somalia

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Syrian dentist is bringing smiles to Somalia

A Syrian dentist who fled the atrocities in Aleppo is bringing smiles to the people of Somalia.

Known as Hosam, the experienced dentist stumbled upon a move to Somalia after conducting a Google search. He decided to travel to Mogadishu, the Somali capital after it popped up in the search results for countries where there hardly any dentists. Hosam, his wife, and their baby travelled to the capital to find that it was much like Aleppo. The only difference was that he was making three times his salary back in Syria. After a short while, the family relocated to Hargeisa after hearing that it was a safe haven and that other Syrians had settled in the area.

In Hargeisa, the family became part of a small network of Syrian dentists, doctors, and engineers. The demand for dental treatment is increasing all the time, and Hosam is able to work in a modern surgery without worrying about his safety or that of his wife and child.

The Somalis have been incredibly welcoming to Syrians seeking refuge, and many have found it much easier to integrate and find work than those who have travelled to European countries. There’s also a feeling that Europeans don’t want to be lumbered with Syrians, while the Somalis have welcomed them with open arms. Perhaps it is an understanding of what it’s like to live with war on a daily basis.

In Somalia, Syrian dentists like Hosam, have found a place where they feel safer, and they are able to generate a decent income. It is expected that many more will follow in their footsteps in the coming months.



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