Sunderland Dental Firm Launches Miracle Cure for Snoring

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A dental firm in Sunderland has launched a new product that claims to banish snoring and restore peace.

The team from Ashford Orthodontics has been working with Resmed, a global leader in sleep medicine, to come up with a ground-breaking product that claims to eliminate snoring problems.

The Narvall CC has been described as a 3D intra-oral device, which is custom-designed for the individual. The aim is to eradicate snoring and reduce the severity of symptoms of sleep apnoea. Trials have been successful and the firms are now ready to launch the product onto the market. The RRP is expected to be around £1,000 and the device should last for three years. It will be sold through dentists.

Sean Thompson, director of Ashford Orthodontics, said that trials have been successful in 90 percent of cases. The Narvall, which was developed in Sunderland, offers an effective alternative to cumbersome treatments offered on the NHS. The Narvall has been on sale in other parts of the world and now it will launch in the UK.

Mr Thompson explained that snoring is a very common problem. It is estimated that around 3.8 million people in the UK are affected by snoring or sleep apnoea. It’s often not just the snorer that suffers and snoring can have serious implications for health as well as relationships.

The Narvall CC was showcased at a workshop that was run by sleep medicine expert, Dr Aditi Desai. Dr Desai explained the benefits of the device at the company’s headquarters in Sunderland and the response from the event was positive.

Mr Thompson is now urging dentists and NHS boards to consider supplying the Narvall CC as a cost-effective alternative to treatments that are currently on the market.



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