Standards of childhood oral health below average in Dorset

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New figures have confirmed that standards of oral health among children in Dorset are below average.

Recent statistics from Public Health England suggest that children aged 5 and under in Dorset have worse oral health than children living in most parts of the country. The PHE figures show that 24.8 percent of children aged 5 and under have at least one filled, decayed or missing tooth compared to the national average of 24.7 percent and the South West average of 21.7 percent.

Dentists are working with public health bodies, schools and parents to try and stem the rising tide of decay and prevent more children from suffering from cavities and infections, and many have come out in support of a new healthy snacking initiative launched by PHE. Research shows that many children consume most of their daily sugar intake through snacks, with some children grazing throughout the day on a daily basis. To combat this and reduce daily sugar consumption, PHE is advising parents to stick to a maximum of 2 snacks under 100 calories per day. Examples of healthier snack swaps include fruit, low sugar yoghurts, a slice of malt loaf, sugar-free jelly and a crumpet in place of chocolate bars, biscuits, cakes and bags of sweets.



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