Ramsgate dental practice to close in March 2018

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Patients at a Ramsgate dental practice have been advised to consider looking for a new dentist after it was revealed that Church Hill Dental Practice will close at the end of March next year.

The NHS has been informed that the practice, which currently runs an NHS dental contract, will no longer provide dental care once the contract runs out in March 2018. The practice is coming to the end of a five-year contract and the provider has informed the local trust that it is no longer in a position to continue offering NHS services to local patients. A spokesperson for NHS England South East confirmed that Church Hill Dental Practice will cease providing general dental care to NHS patients on the 31st March.

In the meantime, the NHS is working with local practices and providers to increase capacity and the board is considering long-term options.

Church Hill Dental Practice’s sister surgery, New Street Dental Practice located in Sandwich, will continue to offer NHS dental care.

East Kent’s Clinical director of dental services, Michelle Forbes, confirmed that the trust is working with NHS England to ensure local patients continue to have access to dental treatment.



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