Oxfordshire patients can now access dental services by calling NHS 111

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Patients in Oxfordshire can now access a wide range of health services by calling NHS 111, it has been confirmed. The new operators of the local NHS 111 system, the South Central Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust, have confirmed that patients will be able to benefit from dental, mental health and pharmacy services, as well as ambulance services, when they call 111.

Director of integrated urgent care at the trust, Lynda Lambourne, informed members of the county’s health watchdog about the changes and provided information about the services that would be available to patients in Oxfordshire at a recent meeting. The trust was awarded the contract to manage the NHS 111 service last year and members have been working hard to create a “joined up network” since. Ms Lambourne said that the aim was to build on and improve the original 111 system to provide local people with a wider range of services. The trust is hoping that changes to the system will have benefits for both patients and healthcare professionals and members are hoping to alleviate pressure on 999 services.

Ms Lambourne and her team are now working to ensure that the system is efficient by sharing records to enable patients to get the help or advice they need without having to repeat and go over the same information again and again. The trust is also hoping to recruit more nurses and doctors to work on the phone lines.



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