Oakham dental patients welcome the opening of a new NHS dental practice

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A new NHS dental practice has opened in Oakham, providing local dental patients with better access to NHS treatment.

JDRM Dental Care Limited officially opened its doors to patients on Friday 12th January. The surgery, which is located on Melton Road, will open from 8am until 8pm offering routine and urgent dental services.

The opening of the new clinic is part of a drive to provide more dental places across the county, which has been made possible by additional annual investment worth £6.3 million in NHS dental services in Leicestershire. The surgery is one of five new practices run by JDRM Dental Care to open in the area. Clinics have already opened in Roman Street and Nelson Street in Leicester and Nottingham Street in Melton Mowbray and another practice will open in Loughborough in the coming weeks.

Di Pegg, Head of primary care in Leicestershire and Rutland for NHS England, said that the trust was “delighted” to confirm the opening of the new practices, which will provide extended opening hours and a range of urgent and routine dental services. Additional investment made available by NHS England Central Midlands will increase the number of NHS dental places that are available in the area and improve access to dental care for local patients.



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