Nottingham MP hopes to build on the success of Hull dental initiative

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Nottingham North MP, Graham Allen, is hoping to build on the success of a dental initiative based in Hull by rolling the scheme out in his constituency. Mr Allen is hoping to encourage local schools to get on board with the Teeth Team programme, which has achieved incredible results in Humberside.

The Teeth Team has been visiting 3 schools in the county since September, and Mr Allen is keen to get more involved. The programme provides free dental checks for children at school and encourages them to learn about oral hygiene. The scheme also includes the provision of fluoride varnish, a preventative treatment, which helps to reduce the risk of decay.

Mr Allen initially reached out to the charity to work in three schools including Old Basford School, Southwark Primary School and Whitemoor Academy and now the passionate MP wants more schools to benefit. He is calling another 23 and hopes to have a lot more children involved in the initiative in the coming weeks and months. The schools will have access to the charity for 12 months and the cost will then be picked up by Mr Allen’s charitable organisation, Rebalancing the Outer Estates.

Mr Allen stated that action was required as rates of decay are high among children in the area, and the vast majority of cases could be prevented. Almost 40 percent of children in the local authority area have signs of decay by the time they celebrate their 5th birthday. Initiatives like those run by the Teeth Team can make a real difference, and the children who have been participating in the scheme have responded really well.



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