NHS dental chief insists waiting times are falling in Brae amid criticism from patients

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An NHS dental chief has stated that waiting times for dental care in Brae are falling amid criticism from patients.

Brian Chittick, dental director, said that the number of patients on the waiting list has fallen by 20 in the last two weeks and insisted that the dental teams on Brae are working hard to continue this trend. Currently, 87 people are waiting to see a dentist, but Mr Chittick stated that the trust was committed to driving down waiting times. At the moment, a team of three dentists, two therapists and a dental hygienist is working through the list to minimise waiting times for patients.

Mr Chittick spoke out after local resident, Cecilia James, wrote to the local paper claiming that the service provided at Brae Hospital “appears to have almost collapsed.” Ms James had tried to get an appointment for an annual check-up and was bewildered when she was informed that she would have to wait to see an NHS dentist.

Mr Chittick said that appointments were available from NHS dentists in Lerwick, and encouraged patients who weren’t happy with waiting times on Brae to contact the Lerwick Dental Practice, which offers both private and NHS dental care. Dentists have been added to clinic teams both on Brae and in Lerwick to boost capacity and enable local patients to see a dentist faster.



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