NHS dental charges to increase on April 1st

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NHS dental charges will increase on the 1st April, the Department of Health has confirmed.

Health minister Philip Dunne revealed that the cost of band 1 treatments will rise by 90p, band 2 prices will go up by £2.40 and the cost of band 3 treatments will increase by £10.60. The charges apply to patients living in England. The cost of a basic check-up, a band 1 treatment will be £20.60 from April 1st, while a band 2 treatment will cost £56.30 and a band 3 treatment, the most complex available on the NHS, will cost £244.30. The increases were announced last year as part of a 2-year plan.

Mr Dunne also confirmed that prescription charges will increase from £8.40 to £8.60 per item. The cost of prescription prepayment certificates will be frozen to protect “those with the greatest need.”

Dental care will remain free of charge for children and those in receipt of certain benefits. The Department of Health has increased charges in England “in line with inflation” and those who cannot afford treatment should be able to access treatment free of charge. For more information about qualifying criteria, patients are advised to contact their local dental surgery.



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