New Website Launched to Clamp Down on Illegal Dentists

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A new website has been launched by the British Association of Clinical Dental Technology (BACDT) to try and reduce the number of people providing dentistry illegally.

The website enables members of the public to find clinical dental technicians that are registered with the General Dental Council. Only those technicians that are registered are legally permitted to provide dentures to the public.

The website has been set up following an increase in the number of technicians offering dentures to the public without being GDC registered.

Barrie Semp, from the BACDT, said that the organisation has grown increasingly concerned about the provision of illegal dentures to members of the public. Technicians, rather than clinical dental technicians, are providing dentures to members of the public, flaunting the law and putting consumers in danger, but the new website enables people to check that the technician is registered with the GDC before they receive treatment.

Mr Semp said that technicians are qualified, but they require further training to assist clinical dental technicians and become certified CDTs.




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