New survey suggests a third of Brits brush their teeth only once a day

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A new survey has revealed that almost a third of Brits brush their teeth only once a day. The findings of a YouGov poll suggest that 26 percent of women and 33 percent of men neglect to clean their twice-daily.

Despite advice from dentists to clean the teeth before bed and at least once more during the day, most Brits brushed in the morning. Eighty-seven percent of survey participants brushed their teeth in the morning compared to 72 percent in the evening. Eight percent of people brushed at least 3 times a day and 2 percent admitted to skipping brushing altogether.

Although dentists recommend flossing, only 31 percent of those surveyed said that they flossed on a regular basis. Women were more likely to floss than men.

Dentists recommend brushing twice a day for at least 2 minutes each time. Brushing helps to remove food debris and bacteria from the mouth, reducing the risk of plaque formation and protecting against decay and gum disease. Brushing once a day leaves long gaps between cleaning sessions, which may result in food getting trapped in the mouth, and bacteria combining with saliva and the leftover bits of food to create plaque.



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