New survey shows adults miss a quarter of their teeth when brushing

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A new survey suggests that adults miss a quarter of their teeth when brushing. Research conducted by dentists behind the Brushlink cleaning tracker suggests that 48 percent of adults consistently miss up to 25 percent of their teeth as a result of not brushing properly.

Standards of oral hygiene varied among different demographics, with millennials least likely to cover all their teeth. Only 29 percent of people aged between 18 and 34 managed to clean all their teeth compared to 55 percent of over 55’s. The survey also revealed that around 60 percent of people have never been shown how to brush properly by a dentist or a hygienist.

The study into dental hygiene habits was carried out by a group of dentists, which has come together to develop Brushlink, the first phone brushing tracker, which is compatible with any type of toothbrush. The programme monitors brushing habits and provides information about cleaning. It also gives the user a score. If the user desires, the information obtained by the Brushlink app can be shared with their dentist.

Dr Dev Patel, one of the dentists behind Brushlink, claims that the innovation was born out of a long-term lack of communication between dentists and dental patients. Dentists are able to have a quick look inside the mouth during a routine check-up, but they don’t have a huge amount of information about brushing and hygiene habits. Likewise, the survey suggests that many patients have never been shown how to brush properly. Brushlink encourages better brushing and it also gives both patients and dentists a better insight into dental hygiene habits.



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