New survey reveals over 20 million British adults fear bad breath

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A new survey has revealed that over 20 million British adults fear having bad breath. The results may be surprising given that the same poll showed that more than half of people don’t brush their teeth twice a day.

New research conducted by White Glo showed that only 48 percent of people brush twice a day in line with dentist recommendations, despite the fact that fear of bad breath is widespread. The survey suggests that 21 million people dread having bad breath, with 20 percent admitting that they use gum or mints to eliminate unpleasant odours including coffee breath in the morning.

Dental expert at White Glo, James Buchanan, said that it is possible for food debris to contribute to bad breath, but in the majority of cases, plaque, which forms as a result of poor oral hygiene, is the primary cause.

Despite the fact that fear of having bad breath is so common, it is clear that many are neglecting regular cleaning, the most effective means of preventing odours and persistent halitosis. Brushing twice a day helps to remove food debris and bacteria from the mouth, reducing the risk of plaque formation and subsequently lowering the chance of developing decay, gum disease and bad breath.

In addition to twice-daily brushing, dentists also recommend opting for high-fibre foods, as they increase saliva production. Avoiding foods with strong flavours, such as onions, cheese and garlic, can also help.



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