New research reveals shocking sugar content of popular soft drinks

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New research has revealed the shocking sugar content of some of the United Kingdom’s favourite and most popular soft drinks.

Data analysis conducted by Business Insider showed that a 500ml bottle of Lucozade contains 62 grammes of sugar, which equates to the same as three doughnuts. Coca Cola contains 54 grammes and Ribena Blackcurrant contains 50 grammes. The maximum daily intake recommended by the NHS is 30 grammes for adults and 19 grammes for children, and a single bottle of the nation’s most popular soft drinks could double and in some cases triple that.

A spokesperson for Coca Cola responded by saying that there were several options available in the Coca Cola range for those who prefer low-calorie, sugar-free and caffeine-free alternatives to traditional Coca Cola.

Lucozade was the worst offender in terms of sugar content. However, a spokesperson for the brand confirmed that sugar content would be reduced across the range in the coming months, and products with lower sugar content would be available from the summer. The Energy Orange drink, for example, will contain 4.5 grams of sugar per 100ml, representing a 65% reduction from current levels.



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