New poll reveals most of us are too embarrassed to tell our friends they have bad breath

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A new poll has revealed that most of us are too embarrassed to tell our friends if they have bad breath.

A survey conducted by Dentyl BB Mints suggested that up to 40 percent of young people had judged their friends’ poor oral hygiene before, yet two-thirds would be too embarrassed to talk to them about the problem. The poll, which involved 1,000 young adults, also revealed almost a quarter of people had actively avoided friends with oral hygiene issues in the past by cancelling social plans. The results are perhaps a little confusing, as 60 percent of 16-34 year-olds surveyed said that they would expect their own friends to let them know if they had unpleasant smelling breath. One-fifth of respondents also admitted that their breath could probably smell sweeter.

A spokesperson for Dentyl BB Mints said that the findings of the study clearly indicate that bad breath is a problem about which many of us are conscious. Seventy percent of those polled suggested that a date would be the worst situation to have bad breath, and people also mentioned job interviews and work meetings.

Bad breath is a very common problem. Often, it is a temporary issue that is linked to eating strong flavours like garlic, spices, onions and cheese, or drinking drinks like coffee or tea. When bad breath persists, this is often due to poor oral hygiene. To combat bad breath, dentists recommend twice-daily brushing, daily flossing, regular dental checks and chewing sugar-free gum or mints after eating. Seeing a dental hygienist can also be hugely beneficial for those affected by halitosis.



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