Mobberley dentist to host superhero event to encourage kids to look after their teeth

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A Mobberley dentist is making a superhuman effort to educate children in the local area about the importance of good oral health. Dr Greg Paysden, from Love the Dentist on Town Lane, is preparing to host a superhero-themed event to encourage kids to take good care of their smiles.

The Children’s Superhero Open Day will take place on Monday 13th August, and children are encouraged to dress up as their favourite film and comic characters for the day. The practice will be offering routine check-ups, the dental team will be running informal sessions to teach children about healthy eating and teeth cleaning, and there will be a host of fun activities on offer. Kids will also be given a goody bag to take home. The event will run from 10am until 2pm, and there is no charge.

Greg, who will be dressed as Batman on the day, wanted to plan an event that would be fun and educational for children and parents, and he is hoping to attract not just local children, but anyone who is interested. Children are often scared of the dentist, and they find brushing their teeth boring, so hosting an event like the open day will hopefully show the kids that going to the dentist can be fun. Recent statistics from Public Health England show that decay is the leading cause of hospital admissions among children, and events like the Superhero day could help to make a really positive difference.



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