Midlands dentist warns against dangers of home whitening products

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A dentist from the Midlands has warned teenage patients to stay away from home whitening products.

Yusuf Kaderbhai, from Dental Care at WS4 in Walsall, said that many teenagers are using unsuitable, potentially harmful household whitening products, in a bid to get the famous Hollywood smile, which has been championed by many of their celebrity idols. According to Dr Kaderbhai, young people are using products, including ash, bleach and baking soda, to try and make their teeth whiter.

Recently, dentists across the UK have witnessed an increase in the number of patients requiring treatment following attempts to whiten their own teeth using household products. Dr Kaderbhai said home whitening products were particularly popular with young females who are eager to replicate the smiles of celebrities including Katie Price and Cheryl Cole.

Using DIY whitening products can cause permanent damage to the teeth, as many of them strip away the protective enamel surfaces of the teeth; once the enamel is worn, the tooth becomes extremely vulnerable to decay and erosion. Dr Kaderbhai urges patients to cut down on strongly coloured foods and drinks and stick to a good daily oral hygiene routine, in order to preserve the natural whiteness of the teeth; patients who are desperate to lighten the colour of their teeth are advised to consider professional whitening treatments, which are now more affordable than ever before. Many dental practices also offer payment plans, which allow patients to spread the cost of their treatment.



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