Mexican dentists reaping the rewards of dental tourism

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Mexican dentists are targeting American patients and it seems to paying off, as an increasing number of patients in the USA are making the short trip over the border to Mexico for dental treatment.

Dental treatment is notoriously expensive in the USA and many people are struggling to afford dental care as a result of the recession and fee increases; the credit crunch left many unemployed and this meant that a higher number of people did not have dental insurance. Without insurance, dental fees are very high; a routine check-up often costs at least $100 and cosmetic treatments can cost thousands of dollars.

American patients have been visiting dentists in Mexico for many years now; however, in recent years the number of patients travelling over the border for treatment has increased significantly. The main reason why people make the journey is to save money; often, the cost of treatment is around half that in America and this includes the cost of transport and accommodation.

Cancun Cosmetic Dentistry is one of the most popular surgeries with Canadian and American dental patients; the practice has been open for ten years and has an English speaking team of staff. In the last decade, dentists have witnessed a huge increase in the number of patients; now, the team see around 40 Canadian and American patients every month and they provide a range of treatments, from routine treatments to radical smile makeovers.



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