Malaysian Dentists Worried About New Proposals

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Malaysian dentists are worried that new proposals could put the public at risk. The Dental Bill 2012 allows untrained dental practitioners to carry out procedures currently only done by qualified dentists.

Dr Malliga Vadiveloo, president of the Malaysian Private Dental Practitioner’s Association, said that the Dental Bill will create a “grey area” between the role of the dental therapist and the dentist. Dr Vadiveloo said that dental therapists, also called dental nurses, are only trained to perform simple procedures and therefore the Bill will introduce confusion over what can be done by a therapist and what must be done by a dentist.

Dr Malliga said that the bill seems to group dentists and dental nurses and therapists together, while other countries have separate bills for dental nurses, therapists and dentists.

Dentists are also worried that the Bill allows foreign dentists to be given temporary practicing certificates (TPCs). Former president of the Malaysian Private Dental Practitioner’s Association, Dr V Nedunchelian, said that the number of dental schools has grown significantly in the last few years, meaning that Malaysia will be producing thousands of dentists in the future; the Bill will make it increasingly difficult for native dentists to find a job.



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